Supply Chain Digitization is an essential component of Industry 4.0, tackling customer and operational challenges at each step in the supply chain and realizing relevant, quantifiable return. Addressing these challenges often result in increase revenues, reduced operational costs and reduced operational risks. These challenges sit at the core of manufacturers’ growth strategy and consist of the following:

  • Customer Experience – Customer growth is predicated on having access to relevant products, available and delivered in a timely manner. Shortfalls in customer experience result in lost sales and customer churn.
  • Supply Chain Analytics – Siloed and outdated systems coupled with error prone manual processes, obscure critical insight into the supply chain for planning, operations and timely issue resolution. They likewise impede forecasting, failure anticipation, and resolution guidance across production and fulfillment.
  • Process & Data Silos – Supply chains are generally optimized based on quarterly or annual plans, with analyses of anticipated demand, production capacity, third party distribution, and supplier resources defining plans across the organization. Great functional process is often in isolation preventing other groups from leveraging information in real-time.

These challenges impact both financials and risk management across the organization. In addition, legacy systems may impede strategic imperatives such as acquisitions due to complexity of supply chain integration and systems management. Extensive manual operations (order fulfillment, production planning, issue resolution) increase operational risks, and siloed process data sets reduce the impact of lean or continuous improvement initiatives.

Eccella Manufacturing Solutions

Eccella’s solutions for Supply Chain Digitization allow you to address immediate value from Operational Intelligence, Customer / Supplier Integration or Data Science while preparing for a digital transformation across your supply chain. We integrate leading technology platforms into our solutions enabling you to leverage the benefits of cloud or big data technologies without building a dedicated data engineering or analytics function.

The supply chain digitization solution consists of 3 main components which integrate with each link in the supply chain:

  • Process Automation & Data Integration
  • Governed Enterprise Data Repository & Reporting
  • Proactive Optimization & Machine Learning

These three components provide the foundation for the digital supply chain to improve each link in the chain through automation, simplification, and predictive algorithms. Reduce operational costs, improve supply chain connectivity and drive growth from a re-energized customer experience.



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