The growth in housing demand comes with common challenges for housing associations. Reduced budgets and rents mean fewer sources of revenue to fuel expansion and maintain profitable operations.  Furthermore, a history of poor tenant experience in the affordable housing market, extensive compliance requirements, and a high degree of competition are all pressuring the affordable housing industry to invest in innovation.

Shackled with legacy systems, housing associations face a multitude of challenges in managing their properties and assets, understanding tenant needs and risks, and appropriately inspecting and servicing those properties and assets. The recent tragic and catastrophic events in London further underscore the criticality of asset management and full compliance to ensure the safety and wellbeing of tenants.

Eccella Housing Solutions

Building from the ground up, or leveraging your existing legacy systems, Eccella offers functional solutions tailored to the needs of your organisation. These include:

  • Asset Management – reducing asset cost and risk while providing a single, trusted view of all properties, assets and their regulatory compliance
  • Service Management – automating and streamlining service management while providing a comprehensive, trusted view of ongoing and historic service providers
  • Tenant Management –  improving tenant experience through reduced errors and providing a comprehensive trusted view of tenants and their needs, journey, and history of interactions with the housing association
  • Consolidated Operations Management – providing integrated operations and a comprehensive view across all asset, service, tenant and financial information
  • Self Service Portal & Application – to empower tenants and reduce the cost and labour required for continued operations and service requests
  • Infrastructure Modernization – to reduce operational costs and labour while ensuring a highly available mission critical platform for housing operations


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