How We Do It

Operational Systems

Run a well-oiled machine

Automate and improve key business operations, whether internal, vendor- or customer-facing; solve inefficiencies and add to your data warehouse!




No company operates without challenges and inefficiencies. It’s a matter of identifying where they’re happening – be it internally, in a business-to-business relationship, or customer-facing – and creating systems to solve them. Is your data being entered in manually, and if so how much time is this wasting and to what degree are there inconsistencies? What is your team’s primary method for executing processes? Are tasks accomplished through email exchanges, or is each process dealt with differently? Does your team have to manually download and/or enter in information from one system to another? Does your team receive orders by email or in an eCommerce system, only to have to re-enter it into a fulfillment system? Does your Customer Support team have access to the same information as Marketing or Sales, in order to better support your customers? Is risk assessed using Excel spreadsheets?





If there’s an operation that can be automated or made more efficient by use of a new system or application, or enhancement of an existing one, we can build it. We build and enhance system interfaces in order to make the data that is input into applications, whether pulled from internal or external resources, reliable and consistent. For example, we can have transactional data automatically transferred from your ERP to your CRM, so sales managers can stay on top of their customer activity. We can automate business processes across applications; we can arrange data flow from purchase orders in an order system, to an ERP system, to an inventory management system, to a logistics provider for delivery, to a financials system for invoicing. We could build a program to access trading data, use it to calculate risk and leverage positions, and provide appropriate alerts or changes in position. We could create a system to automate the management of vendor and customer interactions, from ordering inventory to receiving orders for processing. When you connect systems and the stream of data flow, the sky is the limit.

Leveraging a combination of front end development and data integration, B2B data exchange and custom back-end development, we’re able to build effective and reliable systems to automate and improve business processes. Each system maintains end-to-end, real -time tracking, so you know precisely what’s going on, every step of the way. Each features comprehensive exception handling to fully manage irregularities, so no task gets dropped. Each is built with modular, maintainable designs, to scale as your operation scales. Each system performs your tasks consistently, correctly and reliably.