How We Do It

Data Maturity Audit

Get a handle on your complete data picture

Comprehensively assess where you are in the data-driven journey – what applications, systems and processes are in place as well as where there may be gaps and opportunities




You are richer in data than you realize. It’s just that as your company grew, it acquired new departments and systems along the way. The systems don’t “speak” to each other, information isn’t shared between departments, and there’s no way to get an accurate perspective on the entire company, its operations, and the potential of the data stored within.  Getting accurate answers to even the most basic questions can be impossible, with required information obscured or too difficult or time-consuming to extract, even with help from your IT department.





Find out where you stand. Take stock of your company’s current systems, applications, databases, external feeds, hardware capacity, business and IT processes, and company culture. An actionable report includes conclusions from comprehensive interviews with people from across your organization, from IT, to HR, to sales, marketing, and management. Identify your business’s strengths, challenges, goals and opportunities.