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Data Governance

Clean as a whistle

Rest easy knowing the data on which you are basing your decisions is high-quality, correct, trusted, and consistent throughout your organization.




Analyses and decisions are only as good as the data they are based on. There is risk involved in using data that is inaccurate, repeated, or incomplete, and therefore not representative of reality. For example, inconsistent entry of healthcare data may result in missed diagnoses. Incomplete information may result in missed critical patient updates. Or, duplicate customers and invalid addresses have a very real cost – from potential fraud, to wasted mailings, to poor customer satisfaction – and worst of all, an inability to gain a comprehensive, accurate perspective on customer activity.





Trusted data is correct, consistent across applications, complete for each record, conforms to defined standards, is non-duplicate, and has the power to strengthen customer relationships and satisfaction. The data infrastructures we build ensure high data quality and master data management, to ensure your data is comprehensive and trusted, so you can rest assured your decisions are built on a solid foundation. Data governance has a very real and immediate ROI in eliminating numerous costly wastages, brought on by incorrect information.

We build data governance platforms to ensure that all your enterprise’s data is high-quality, not just individual use cases. We’ll help you build a data dictionary as well as a set of rules to cleanse, correct, consolidate duplicates, and enrich your data. We’ll design and execute your Master Data Management infrastructure to consolidate data from across your applications into a trusted “golden record”, which can be pushed both to your analytical systems, and to your source systems.