Our Story

From our data-driven company to yours

Eccella is a data-driven company. Data permeates every aspect of our enterprise. All of our systems, internal and customer-facing, run with optimal efficiency and we draw data from each and every one. We analyze that data, gain insight from it, and it becomes the stars by which we chart our forward-facing growth strategies.

The proof, as they say, is in the pudding. Over the last 5+ years, we have grown in size by 50-100% annually and become a leading company in the field of data-driven consulting and systems construction. We know we can take you there, because we have gotten there ourselves, and helped many others get there as well.

Our team of professional data consultants and scientists, analysts, certified project managers, systems architects, and developers (all of us experts in complex solutions, operational technologies, and the leading data management and analytics tools and solutions), have led companies across the full gamut of sizes and industries – from healthcare to finance, entertainment to manufacturing, insurance to retail – on their journey to becoming data-driven.

We have been with them every step of the way.

We have assessed their systems and processes and taken stock of both their business- and data related challenges and potentials. We have developed strategies and helped them choose vendors for their data platforms. We have built their data infrastructures and connected their systems to achieve comprehensive data integration and governance. We have designed and implemented systems to automate their operations and boost efficiencies. We have built analytics systems to help them gain metric insights, make predictions, and define strategies.

We have helped them evolve into market leaders.

We have seen time and again how becoming data-driven changes companies. There’s nothing quite like that first “aha!” moment, when the first unexpected insight emerges. And then there’s the longer-term impact, when data-driven successes become old hat and a company grows accustomed to capitalizing on opportunities missed by the competition.

We know that the process to become data-driven can be daunting. 
That’s why we’re here; to do it for you.